What is Fly Fusion®?

In short: Fly Fusion® is a fresh format for fusion belly dance group improvisation created by Violet Kind. We use our own combinations and cues to signal our next moves to our fellow dancers, making any-size group look completely synchronized and choreographed. We incorporate strange shapes, crazy combinations, and musicality challenges to make this an especially fun dance to learn. We also have our own formation system, as you can see below: The Pyramid & Pillars. 

Our Philosophy

We like to joke that we put the FUN in "frustration"! The challenge that this dance format offers makes it a great new adventure for the experienced belly dancer. We encourage community, enjoyment, a growth-mindset, and clean technique. 


Who it's For

This style is for those who love fusion belly dance, appreciate structure, and are looking to challenge themselves. The vocabulary is unique, fun, and full of new adventures.


The Format

Fly has four phases: Foundation, Metamorphosis, Expansion, and Pillars. Learn it online or in person with a certified Fly Fusion instructor!


The Creator: Violet Kind

Violet was born and raised in south-central Minnesota. She began her journey with belly dance in 2005 and in 2011, opened Satori Violet. After experimenting with different styles of belly dance, Fly Fusion® was born out of a mess of ideas and a creative need for a project of epic proportions.