September Instagram Challenge!


This September, we're giving you an extra excuse to get your practice on! Mark your calendar for September 10th-14th!

Be sure you're following us (@flyfusion) and get ready to get to work!

Here's how it works: We're giving you a checklist of different tasks. You can do up to five of them or just one of them. Space them out over the five days, or do multiple in one practice. We don't care. Just have fun with it!

The Rules: 
1. You can get up to FIVE entries during the challenge: One for each Fly Fusion® dance video of you posted on your Instagram feed.
2. Videos must be posted during the week of the challenge to count!
3. All videos must feature a different challenge from the checklist below!
4. Tag us in the caption of your post so we know you did it! @flyfusion
5. And hashtag the challenge! #5DFC
6. Get a bonus entry for also posting your videos in your Instagram story or on Facebook!
7. Winners will be announced on Monday, September 17th!

The Prizes:
1. An hour-long private lesson with Violet (online or in-person)!
2. Free Fly merch: Winner's choice! Get something currently in our shop or save it up for when we get new items.
3. Take an extra $5 off your monthly subscription at Fly Fusion® online for 6 months!


  • Show off your favorite Slow Vocabulary combination
  • Show off your favorite Fast Vocabulary combination
  • Play dress-up! Whether you want to show off your favorite belly dance costume pieces or you've got a seriously hilarious un-dance-related costume, we wanna see it!
  • Dance with a partner (or several)!
  • Go live for an entire song (and be sure you post it once the live part is over)!
  • Do a whole song with ONLY stall movements or variations (no combinations) and try and keep it changing!
  • Show us your favorite outdoor spot to dance in!
  • Dance for an audience (whether it's a performance, or for a friend/child/significant other/pet... again, just have fun with this)!

Questions?! Give us a shout on Instagram!

ChallengeViolet Kind