Practice Makes Progress: Instagram Dance Challenge!

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Here to help you keep your New Years motivation going strong and your Fly staying Fly! We present: PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS! Perfection is a myth, but progress is always possible.

This challenge, we are offering TWO lucky winners gorgeous, handcrafted prizes from Lunassuit! But the best prize of all? Sticking with your dance practice and consistently making progress!


  • Our schedule below shows our weekly dance adventures. Choose your own adventure since we have Flyers of all levels participating! The first adventure listed is more ideal for the new Flyer. Each week will involve posting a before and after video: progress is what we’re shooting for, not perfection (because perfection = less real than unicorns).

  • Every week that you participate, you’ll get an entry into our drawing for prizes from Lunassuit! Be sure you follow them on Instagram (@lunassuit)! We will draw our winners on February 28th! That’s it!


Post a “before” video of yourself on Instagram drilling you chosen move. Then take a few days to review and improve! By the end of the week, post your “after” video.
In your “before” video caption, be sure to include:
@flyfusion Practice Makes Progress - (Chosen Move) - Before - I seek to improve ________. #twentyflyteen
In your “after” video caption, be sure to include:
@flyfusion Practice Makes Progress - (Chosen Move) - After - I can see progress in _________. #twentyflyteen

Weekly Adventures

(Join anytime! The first option each week is more suitable for new Flyers but choose whichever you’d like to see improvements on!)

JAN 29 - FEB 4
Choose your own adventure: Elixir or Aquarius
FEB 5 - FEB 11
Choose your own adventure: Shimmy or Serpent
FEB 12 - FEB 18
Choose your own adventure: Halcyon Cha-Cha or Bring It!
FEB 19 - FEB 25
Choose your own adventure: ANY FLY YOU WANT!

And if you play every single week, we’ll give you a bonus entry for being such a boss!
That’s 8 total entries that are possible (but not required, do what’s best for you)!

Violet Kind