Brand new choreography class and dance challenge!
Now-October 31, 2019

How to play:

  1. Every time you learn one of the six sections of Darbukinja, video yourself dancing it and post to Instagram! Tag our account (@flyfusion) and use the challenge hashtag (#darbukinja) so we can see it, count it as part of the challenge, and cheer you on! This should be six videos posted on six separate days.

  2. Follow the hashtag (#darbukinja) on Instagram and go cheer on other dancers!

  3. Once you have the whole dance down, it’s time to make your performance video! Film the entire dance as a solo or group piece. Post it two places by the end of October 31st: Full video on YouTube with the title “Darbukinja Choreography Challenge From Fly Fusion Online”, and one minute of your video on Instagram (tag us @flyfusion and use the challenge hashtag #darbukinja).

Challenge Prizes

Most Creative Solo

Prize: Custom-Sized Galaxy Suede Leather Belt with rhinestone rivets by Saadja Designs

You, yourself, and… you! Make this dance shine and get creative! Use the “chorus” section to make your own variations! Play with costuming! Make it your own!

Most Creative VIdeography

Prize: Crystal Crown by Desert Lilies Bazaar

What can you do to make your final video epic? Collaborate with a friend who loves to be behind a camera? Shoot at a unique location? Fun effects and editing? Use your creativity to the max… we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Most Creative Group-Work

Prize: Melodia Designs Gift Certificates ($25) for Up To 6 Members of Your Group

From a duet to a group of 20, there’s so much you can do to create fun variations on a choreography! Formation changes, different facing… what might you be up to?

Prize-winners will be announced on our Instagram page on November 1st! And hey, even if you don’t win one of our prizes, you’ve made some new dance connections and learned an entire new choreography you can take on the road, you badass!