How does Fly Fusion® work?
An essay.

Fly Fusion® is a specific format for dance group improvisation. Think of it as a movement language or a game. Like a language or game, it has very specific rules for how it needs to be used in order to be understood by those who you are communicating to (your dance partners).  

There are two main components to the language itself:
1. Combinations
2. Stall Movements

Combinations are specified pieces of choreography. They can be anywhere from 4-64 counts long, but each "combo" has a specific length. Every Combination has a set cue: A movement that gives signal to your dance partners that you are about to start that specific Combination.

Stall Movements are the glue that sticks it all together. In  between Combinations, there will be a Stall Movement. Every Stall Movement has its own set of Combinations that are attached to it. Stall Movements always have three variations: Options to travel with the movement, lead change with the movement, or rotate with the movement. 

Within Fly Fusion®, there are four Phases:
1. Foundation
2. Metamorphosis
3. Expansion
4. Pillars

Every Phase adds depth to Fly. We have divided the language into Phases so that it builds on itself in a sequence that feels natural. We suggest starting with Foundation and mastering that material before moving onto the next Phase, and so on.

There are also two divisions to the vocabulary:
1. Slow
2. Fast

Slow Vocabulary or "Slowcab" is intended for slower-tempos. The Combinations in the Slow Vocabulary tend to look better at slower tempos due to their juicy details and intricacy. However, it's always the Leader's choice as to what vocabulary is danced when.

Fast Vocabulary is intended for faster-tempos. The Combinations in the Fast Vocabulary tend to feel better at fast tempos due to the layers of small movements and, oftentimes, the literal balance required to perform them. It's a beneficial challenge to perform the Fast Vocabulary at slower tempos for muscle memory's sake. 

Everyone on stage has one of two roles:
1. Leader
2. Follower

The Leader is the person at the top (or front) of the Pyramid, the main formation. The Leader's job is to successfully lead Stall Movements and correctly cue Combinations so that the dance fits the music and everyone on stage looks synchronized.

A Follower is anyone that isn't the Leader. The Followers take cues from the Leader and do their best to keep the illusion of a choreographed performance.

There is much more to Fly Fusion®, but these are the basics! We trust this will make much more sense as you work through the videos and connect with the community