What to expect at

Phase One: Foundation

Certification Training


All Foundation vocabulary and Fundamental Fly Concepts

Break down and drill all of the Foundation Vocabulary with the creator of the style. Discuss the little details, make corrections, ask questions, and experience the dance format in a large group setting!

Discuss and practice the fundamental concepts and theory of Fly Fusion: Musicality
Classic vs. Creative formations
Key components to creating unique performances
Performance appearance
…and more!

Four-Part Anatomy Series

Experience part one of four from the anatomy for Fly Fusion series. In this phase, we start simple and don’t expect prior knowledge from participants.

Our goal is to help dancers become safer and more technical through this awareness. Don’t worry, we have a lot of fun with this!

By the end of all four certification trainings, dancers should have a well-rounded understanding of the body, how it works, and how to truly take care of their most important tool for dance longevity.

Teacher Training

Everyone gets the practitioner training portion of the intensive, but dancers can optionally add teacher training if they’d like to experience more and get Fly Fusion Foundation Teacher Certified!

In Phase One: Foundation Teacher Training, we go over:
Violet’s Teaching Philosophy
Classroom Tactics
Lesson Planning 101
Structuring Your Classes
The Business of Teaching (Including marketing, advertising, etc.)
Creating Community
…and more!