Our online studio will accept new members this fall!

Unlimited Access Membership—$15/mo or $165/yr: Access all of our classes, including any of our rental videos.
The Starter Pack Membership—$8/mo: New to Fly Fusion? Access 40 videos to get you started.

Rent The Combo of the Week

We run a fun little Instagram challenge every week with a different Fly Fusion combination! Learn this week’s combo, post a video of yourself dancing it on Instagram before Friday, and tag @flyfusion and #flyfusioncombo in the caption. We announce the winner of each week in our newsletter!

Rent Mutespell Choreography

This intermediate fusion belly dance choreography by Violet Kind was created to work as a solo or performance piece. It features fun footwork, dramatic accents, and a little room for your own freestyle improv.

Access over two hours of tutorials, a performance by Violet, and drills! Dancers are more than welcome to use this choreography for performances!