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About the Choreography


This choreography was created and instructed by Violet Kind in 2018 to the song “Mutespell” by Afrit Temple. The dance was designed for intermediate belly dancers; specifically with the new Fly Fusion dancer in mind. Mutespell Choreography uses many hints of Fly Fusion movements in addition to musical timing.

The choreography works great as a solo performance or as a group piece. Dancers are welcome to use and perform this choreography as they wish. The dance is taught in two sections, each with multiple parts.

As always, be patient with yourself as you learn this dance and rewind as often as needed! Be sure you warm up prior to beginning.





Section One features five parts, and we think the first one might be the trickiest! Be patient with yourself and rewind as often as you need to. But more importantly: Relax, enjoy the process, and be sure you’ve warmed up prior to beginning!

  • 1A. Intro (01:01)

  • 1B. Fly Footwork (22:08)

  • 1C. Sassy Turn (31:32)

  • 1D. Gooey Grapevine (40:02)

  • 1E. Improv Walk (50:58)

  • Drill All Section One (54:38)



So you’ve made it through Section One! Awesome! Let’s finish this dance. We have six more sections of new stuff (and some of Violet’s favorite parts of the dance)! Then we will drill all of Section Two… and then the whole dance! We look forward to seeing you performing all of Mutespell! Please warm up prior to beginning.

  • 2A. Drums and Traveling (00:11)

  • 2B. Music Box (14:43)

  • 2C. Improv and Accents (22:31)

  • 2D. Gooey Goodness (30:32)

  • 2E. Bring It Back (40:18)

  • 2F. Hits and Hagallahs (53:42)

  • Drill All Section Two (1:01:58)

  • Drill Full Choreography (1:07:10)