Violet Kind

Violet is the creator of Fly Fusion, owner of Satori Violet Belly Dance Company, director of The Bleuebellatrix Project, and a founding member of Dubrikato. Born and raised in south-central Minnesota, she was lucky enough to stumble upon a fusion belly dance class with Anna Kimm in her hometown in 2005.

Of her favorite things about belly dance, teaching is #1. Her teaching style is unique, upbeat, and pushes students through frustrating moments with laughter. She is always searching for new ways to encourage creativity and growth, in herself and her students. Violet has been fortunate enough to study in the certification programs of Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Zoe Jakes, and Shannon Townsend. 

When Violet is not busy dancing and running a business, she spends her time drinking copious amounts of coffee, cycling through the Minnesota river valley with her right-hand dude, and hanging out with her tuxedo kitties: Bruce Lee-Wayne-Willis and Miles Davis-Tails-Standish.

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